Monday, June 28, 2010

Cannonball Press: Woodcut Thrill Ride!

If you've been following Philagrafika at all, you know two things: we're all about pushing the boundaries of the capabilities of the printed image, and that one of our consistent allies is Cannonball Press, the Brooklyn-based collaboration of artists Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra. So naturally, when Cannonball Press comes up with a project like "Woodcut Thrillride", we take notice:

"...We’re combining hand-carved woodblock prints made on a 1938 Vandercook proof press with state-of-the-art 3D digital animation software. Old school meets new school in the inimitable Cannonball monochromatic style. We’re teaming up with acclaimed jazz saxophonist John Ellis, his band Double-Wide and accomplished animator Eric Knisley to create our own 3-minute long woodcut Petrushka."

The project does have it's obstacles, and as is an inevitability for any artist, that obstacle is lack of funds. Cannonball is seeking $3500 by August 31 in order to produce the video, and they need your help.

Of course, it's not like Cannonball Press to take your money without giving back, so for your contribution, you will receive "perks" that correspond to your level of donation: For a $20 donation, you'll get a signed copy of John Ellis's album "Puppet Mischief." For $30, you reveive a Double-Wide letterpress playbill, for $40 a Double-Wide letterpress broadside and for $60, a souzasaxophone 3-color woodcut. Everyone wins.

For more about the project, and to donate, visit

-Dan Haddigan

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