Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dennis McNett Shreds the Barney's Windows

Brooklyn woodcut artist and SGC Take Over-er Dennis McNett has set his sights on a new dragon to slay: the world of fashion... or at least the world of fashion window displays.

McNett just installed 50 feet's worth of block print madness inside the windows of Barney's on Madison Avenue, between 60th and 61st Streets. The installation includes several of McNett's huge banner prints of patterns and creatures inspired by the high-energy of the late 80's punk and hardcore music. Along with the insanely intricate relief prints, he's designed several masks: animals, skulls, animal skulls, wolves, bats, and of course, WolfBats.

There's something really strange yet completely appropriate about the combination of stark white-emaciated mannequins dressed in high end fashion with these intense renderings of crazed beasts and other imagery inspired by mythology, punk rock, and skateboarding. They seem to be total opposites on paper, yet complement each other beautifully when seen in person.

Speaking of in person, word on the street is to check these windows out at night for the full effect, as they've been professionally lit. Check out more of Dennis McNett at wolfbat.com.

-Dan Haddigan

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