Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gomez and Gonzalez Install Doing Time/Depth of Surface

Our latest exhibition, Doing Time/Depth of Surface, is being installed this week by visiting Spanish artists Patricia Gómez & María Jesús González with a team of preparators from Moore College of Art & Design.  It's been busy in the Goldie Paley Gallery all week as we prepare for the January 27th opening reception at 5:30pm! We invite all of you to view the installation process live via Livestream! The opening reception as well as many other public programs will be broadcast through that link. The stream can also be accessed from the Philagrafika website.

Above is a gallery view of the prints before they were unrolled! Below is an image of one of the prints being fully extended by the artists outside of Holmesburg Prison during their artist residency in the fall of 2011.