Sunday, February 17, 2013

Greetings from Iceland

Serena Perrone finds a perfect ice triangle during a day trip to Jokulsarlon. 

Please follow the Due North blog for updates on the artists, itinerary, and our adventures. 

Cindi Ettinger discusses Philagrafika at Islensk Grafik. Cindi's presentation was followed by artist talks by participating Due North artists. 

North-themed work in progress by Kristinn Hrafnsson during a studio visit. 

L to R : Islensk Grafik director Soffía Sæmundsdóttir, Cindi Ettinger, Serena Perrone, Marianne Bernstein, Kelsey Halliday Johnson, Katie Baldwin, and Shawn Bitters. 

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Introducing: Philagrafika Projects

[Photograph of the Northern Lights by David Kessler as he landed yesterday in Northern Iceland.]

Philagrafika Projects invites independent curators to undertake international projects that further contemporary print-based art. With a global approach and a local focus, these projects heighten Philadelphia's role as an artistic hub for cutting edge print practices. Philagrafika is pleased to announce its first project, Due North, an international collaboration envisioned by artist and curator Marianne Bernstein.

In January 2014, the Icebox Space in Philadelphia will be transformed into a winterscape featuring video and prints created by select artists from Philadelphia, PA and Reykjavik. Work will be made in 2013 through a series of group expeditions and residencies in Iceland. We are excited to announce that the first artists have landed in Northern Iceland and another group will be joining them on February 14th.

The participating artists are: Katie Baldwin, Marianne Bernstein, Shawn Bitters, Marianne Dages, Cindi Ettinger, Katya Gorker, John Heron, Kelsey Halliday Johnson, David Kessler, and Serena Perrone. The Icelandic printmakers will be announced shortly. Over the next few weeks, traveling artists will meet with Nordic artists and cultural leaders in Reykjavik, then travel to northern Iceland to experience the extreme landscape and conditions at the heart of this project's mission.

Please follow our adventures on the Due North blog as this project unfolds in the coming weeks.

Advancing Philadelphia as an international center for contemporary printmaking