Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Due North

Local artist Marianne Dages ( created these limited edition letter press cards and a beautiful poster for Marianne Bernstein's upcoming project Due North. Dages' printed works are a prelude to imagining "the north". An international artist residency will take place in Iceland culminating with an installation inside the Icebox Space at Crane Arts in 2014.

The imagery for the cards were made using only wood and metal type and ornaments found around the shop. Little pieces of punctuation, flourishes, and lines. The colors I chose were inspired by how I imagine the Icelandic landscape, a place I've never actually been to but am inspired by. The delicate green and deep scarlet are British Soldier lichen. The gray blue, the winter sky and ice. And the brown, the brown of hard soil and bare twigs.The words are a mix of Icelandic and English words, names from Norse mythology, words describing magic, and the elements of the island. -Marianne Dages

Special thanks to Common Press for lending their space and type for this project. 

Please stay tuned to the Philagrafika blog for more updates on Due North.

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