Thursday, May 26, 2011

Slow like Molasses

A sticky warm spring night at Space 1026 and the bell rang-announcing a slow moving group of sweet printmakers crawling up the gallery stairs. They had descended upon the streets of Philadelphia to promote their print show Melaza (or molasses) opening this week at James Oliver Gallery.

USA LA MELAZA 2 is the the second installment of a international print making collaboration by the five artists including Grimaldi “Barbarian” Baez, Omar “Pickle Fingers” Velazquez, Kyle “Canned-Tux” Nilan, Patrick “Print Wraith”Casey, Eli “The Word” Epstein.

They gave me a beautiful show poster (here's a pic) and told me to stop by the James Oliver Gallery on Friday. Its a popup show, and will only be up for 10 days so catch it while you can. The gallery is located at 723 Chestnut Street on the 4th floor. 

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