Thursday, June 10, 2010

Philagrafika's Summer Solstice Benefit 2010 is Approaching!

We are just under two weeks away from the sixth Summer Solstice Benefit, Philagrafika's annual summer fundraiser.

This year, the benefit will be held at Locks Gallery on Washington Square South. Locks has generously made available the use of their fabulous third-floor gallery and roof terrace, where guests will enjoy drinks, fine food, and music under the stars.

It's a great party, but it's really all about the art. Traditionally, this event features the work of some of the region's most accomplished artists working in print. Everyone who attends gets his or her name put in a bowl, and then drawn in a lottery. When your name is called, you select the print of your choice. Every attendee leaves with a significant piece of art under his or her arm! The value of each print greatly exceeds the $400 ticket price - a coup for those savvy enough to grab a ticket or two.

Alexandre Arrechea, Mississippi Bucket

This year's event offers something extraordinary: a snapshot of the wildly successful triennial Philagrafika 2010. Many of the artists contributing work for this Summer Solstice Benefit were also participants in the festival, and all three of its components will be well represented: The Graphic Unconscious, Out of Print, and Independent Projects. Included are prints by Carl Pope (who contributes the hilarious and now iconic image that served as the program guide's cover), Eric Avery, Regina Silveira, Matt Neff, Daniel Heyman, Virgil Marti, Enrique Chagoya, Jenny Schmid, Alexandre Arrechea, Miriam Singer, and Betsabe Romeo, to name just a few. You can see the full list, along with images, on Philagrafika's website.

Pablo Helguera, Came Summer and the Interest Grew

Walking into the gallery on June 23rd, guests will be treated to what is essentially a mini retrospective of the festival. With more than one hundred works in one space, it will be thrilling - if not dizzying! And if that weren't enough, each guest will choose a favorite print to take home! The only real question is: if you haven't bought your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?

-Tim Evans

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Anonymous said...

This event sounds absolutely fantastic! I love it that all the guests get to take home a print - so ingenious! Wish I could be there. Best wishes. Bette :-)