Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Half Tone Surprise

Receiving packages in the mail from artists is always a treat. And, yes the multiple does allow us printmakers the luxury to be more generous than other folks. A slick half tone checkerboard patterned paper – magenta on one side, cyan blue on the other. I was expecting text or a poster with information, and at first it just looked like a checkerboard, until I realized that there were aberrations on the surface. Low and behold, when held up it revealed a face – Obama on one side and McCain on the other!

The package was from Jason Urban, who is now in Austin, Texas. Jason is one of the contributors to the Printeresting blog, and has kept in touch with Philagrafika, even after heading west.

Jason made an offset edition of 1,000 prints for a show at the Schmidt Art Center in Belleville, IL (outside of St. Louis). The show is a two-person show along with St. Louis artist Charles Schwall.

We’ve been having a grand time showing off the poster to interns and people stopping in to the office. The trick is that if you hang it in a window, it looks from the outside world like you are supporting one candidate, and from the inside another. Although, the one facing the outside world would be upside down.

Jason explained in a recent email conversation, “The prints will be shown in the stacked print tradition of Felix G-T. Visitors will be allowed to take one. And because it's a two-sided poster, people can take it home and decide which side to hang against the wall. I’ve been doing so many posts about Obamagraphics on that I felt compelled to add my own piece to the pre-election imagescape.”
Jason informed me that if anyone is interested, they can contact him for copies, which are available for $10 each.

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