Friday, August 29, 2008

Contemporary Art News Sources

You may have noticed that we recently added the “Printmaking in the News” feed to our blog’s sidebar, but we also wanted to keep you all in the loop about some other great contemporary art blogs and websites, some of which even have a special emphasis on prints and/or Philadelphia.

The Journal of Contemporary Art Online – which used to be a printed magazine, but has been a purely internet-based publication since 1995 – hosts upwards of fifty interviews with international contemporary artists. Among their interviewees are Buzz Spector, Kiki Smith, Jeff Koons, and Takashi Murakami. They also have a “Projects” section to their website, to which Renee Green, Steven Salzman, Mark Morrisroe, Andrei Roiter, and Catherine Wagner have contributed.

Fecal Face is a self-proclaimed “content-rich, comprehensive, multidisciplinary art and culture website supporting the art scene in San Francisco and beyond since 2000.” This is truly an exhaustive website, with many interviews and feature articles about artists like Mark Mothersbaugh (of Devo and Wes Anderson films fame), Ben Woodward, and Jim Houser (both Space 1026-ers). The website also hosts postcasts – mostly music mixes by artists – blogs, videos, and a large online store.

New Art is a blog maintained by several writers, and, as a result, can vary in quality. However, the articles, for the most part, do a relatively effective job of displaying artwork and starting discussions on the topics that the pieces raise.

Modern Kicks, although hosting average quality content, is the blog of all contemporary art blogs – a place from which to get some news, but also to connect to many other resources, whether they are other blogs, books, or websites. They even host links to our Summer Solstice MCs’ Artblog – an excellent place to hear about new exhibits, and read some brief, perceptive reviews.

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