Monday, July 07, 2008

More Than Meets The Eye

Continuing on my fascination with robot printers - I came across this amazing DIY tinkerer, Pindar, who built a robot that paints in the fashion of an old school dot matrix printer. While the artist questions whether it is a print or a painting - the working states show of the work imply multiple to me. Whether or not the artist is aware of it - he is proofing. But, rather than inking a plate differently - he is adjusting the algorithms which program and run the robot he's named Zanelle.

At first the imagery the artist chose is so campy - but the more I've looked at it and the process in order to achieve it, the sweet irony of the image along with some heavy implied metaphorical content- robot printing/painting a commemorative image of the ultimate robot warrior - Optimus Prime.

Zanelle, the robot has quite a personality and even she questions her artistic practice, since she responds to posters on the blog/website that the artist maintains - see link below

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