Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're not curing cancer...but...

I am really excited by new advances that science offers as possibilities. Here are the things I'm excited about today in the world of print...

Oldies but goodies are new ideas again...Polaroid announced their new digital photo printer - which will be the equivalent to the polaroids of yesterday. It will print using a new thermal technology - no ink cartridges or chips...the image is developed using print heads that interpret the image into heat -which in turn heats special paper ...wow. click here for instant mobile printer which can be used with cell phones and digital printers. Though, sounds like there are concerns about finding a niche - since we are all getting used to looking at pictures in the virtual screen, web world.

Next, printable skin...inkjet printers are being hacked to be able to print human tissue cells to grow new organs. The first bladder created in a lab using this technology was actually transplanted here in Philadelphia at Thomas Jefferson hospital! Heart cells in ink jet printers - these are exciting times. I saw this story on CBS Sunday Morning and it was mind blowing... The Future Is Here: Regenerative Powder, Ink Jet Heart Cells And Custom-Made Body Parts

While at Southern Graphics Council Conference - we met up with Steve Hoskins who is in Bristol, England at the Centre for Fine Print Research. "We recognise however, that print is inexorably linked to industrial development so therefore we are also equally comfortable with conducting research from an industrial perspective." Another location here in the US is Eyebeam gallery in New York is also supporting art and technology endeavors.

And, just to show that I love the history of print as much as the future of the media, here is a trailer for the movie, Goya's Ghosts which I just watched recently. The opening to the movie features Goya's prints and there is a wonderful scene where printers are etching Goya's copper plates and printing them. The Holy Inquisition is unhappy with the "filth" that Goya's prints depict, and uber weasily bad guy, played by Javier Bardem is explaining to them, it is not the artist who should be blamed, but the people the artist is portraying...which ultimately leads down a dreadful path. I enjoyed the cinematic power to allow those powerful prints to occupy a space other than a print study room. Here is the movie trailer which features some prints and even a copper plate!

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