Saturday, January 09, 2010

Countdown for Philagrafika 2010

Views of installation in progress at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Dear friends:
In 20 days, Philagrafika 2010 will be open to the public. It has been almost five years in the planning, many countries visited, innumerable talks and conferences, and hard and sustained collaborative effort. Those of you that have been following the blog are familiar with the process through the reports and the interviews with the artists that I have been posting for more than two years.
On January 29th, and until April 11th, Philadelphia will be the world destination for all things Print. 35 artists in five sites for the core show, titled The Graphic Unconscious; five artists working with five historical collections for a program titled Out Of Print; and more than 300 other artists in almost 80 partner sites that are doing independent projects. A wide array of work, from traditional approaches to expanded understandings of the print; several national and international conferences, and a broad spectrum of programs will complement the exhibitions.
As of today, I will be blogging each day until the 29th, to report on the development of the installation of Philagrafika. Stay tuned to the countdown!
José Roca.

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Anonymous said...

I read the blog regularly and have become even more excited --- can't wait in fact -- about seeing all the shows. Already what you have done is transformative!! Thank you. Daniel H