Monday, January 11, 2010

18 days to go

Photo by Shayna V. McConville.

Dear friends:
Carl Pope just came into town for the final stretch of his wonderful project The Wall Remixed, which results from his collaboration with Mary Hulick and Homer Jackson, and is produced by the Mural Arts Program, Temple gallery, and Philagrafika. They have been working for quite a while with young boys and girls in Philly, designing advertising billboards and flyers for several small businesses and non profit organizations in North central Philadelphia. The ads will be visible in March.

Swoon at work. Photo by Shayna V. McConville.

In her usual incognito fashion, Swoon has started pasting her woodcuts in several sites around Philadelphia. More will follow as the festival begins.

Check out the coverage by Universes in Universe, the leading and most respected portal for the art from Africa, Latin America and Asia pacific. Gerhard Haupt and Pat Binder, longtime supporters, have included us in their newsletter, which reaches over 13 thousand subscribers around the world (also in Spanish and German.)

José Roca.

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