Saturday, June 12, 2010

Invest in Art: Summer Solstice Benefit 2010

Today's post comes from Marianne Bernstein, artist, independent curator, and Philagrafika board member.

I recently traveled to London to write about and cheer on FLUXspace and Vox Populi at the Tate Modern, as well as the other 80 non-profit galleries from around the world who spent their last dimes on being included in No Soul For Sale.

Why did I do this? For the same reason I am involved with Philagrafika: a belief that artists are catalysts for change. We need to support our artists and art making in general- ALL of them- from the famous, to the not-so famous to the non-profits, festivals, and commercial galleries.
Nami Yamamoto Miniature Garden: Trace
Each and every artist plays a vital role in breathing life into the future. Whenever you support an artist, whether it’s a jewelry maker or music maker on the street, or a visual artist bravely toiling in their studio, or a collaborative group of friends bouncing ideas off each other in search of a collective voice or encouragement to further their own practice, you are in essence taking a stand to make life better.

Most of the artists featured in the Summer Solstice Benefit have regular day jobs. They are carpenters, teachers, cab drivers, social workers. Can you imagine after a full day of work having the devotion, energy and courage to enter your studio where you will work late because you cannot imagine a life without artmaking?
Marion Belanger Rift #26
This is what I told my neighbor this evening when she stopped by to say she couldn’t afford a ticket to “drink wine” at Locks. My response was, read the invitation carefully. By buying a ticket you are supporting Philagrafika which pulled off an almost impossible feat- uniting Philly’s major arts institutions by bringing world renowned artists to Philadelphia (the Graphic Unconscious), re-imagining and bringing to light little known Philadelphia historic collections (Out of Print) and Independent Projects (showcasing the varied and incredible talent and venues that are here)
Keith Johnson Indian Village

For the price of two tickets at $200 each, you leave with a print valued at much more.
The artists have been extremely generous, donating their best work for free for Philagrafika which supported them so spectacularly.

Now it’s your turn. Buy two tickets, come to the party, meet the artists and organizers (who are also artists),
celebrate summer!

Invest in art.

-Marianne Bernstein 6/11/2010

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