Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The 2007 Philadelphia Invitational Portfolio production is underway. One of the selected artists, Anthony Campuzano stopped by our offices today after visiting the Brandywine Workshop where he will be creating an offset print this summer. Each year print shops like the Brandywine graciously offer their time and the expertise of their master printers to work with a regional artist to produce a portfolio of prints for this project.

Here is Anthony posed above the print shop at Brandywine Workshop, holding a fresh copy of the New American Paintings MidAtlantic Edition #69 curated by Steven Bennett Phillips-which features his paintings (and the back cover image!).

We will be following the production of his portfolio print this summer at the printshop (our Philagrafika offices are right upstairs).

We all chuckled when, as he said, he has finally reached success in his parents' eyes because they can now go to Barnes and Noble and see their son's artwork in print.