Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Art wall paper or A-WAL is "adorning the vernacular one email at a time". This web tool allows users to upload their own photos and images to be displayed as background wallpaper. The company is also featuring specially curated artworks to serve as image backgrounds for users. Adorning the artworld. Note - they do charge for this service - but an interesting idea as a means of creating virtual printed surface...

Saw this on an e-flux announcement this morning. The press release explained that for this installment, they are featuring independent writer, lecturer, and curator Dr Kathy Battista, who is based in London. KathyĆ¢€™s abiding interest in and support for experimental art forms and innovative practice has been displayed through her past involvement and work with esteemed organizations such as Artangel, Tate Modern, and the Serpentine Gallery. Kathy has regularly contributed to Contemporary, Frieze, Third Text, and Art Monthly amongst other publications, is an editor of Art & Architecture Journal.

The artists featured in this exhibition include:
Daniel Jackson, Delaney Martin, Jamie Robinson, Sans Facon (Tristan Surtees & Charles Blanc), Dallas Seitz, Krisdy Schindler and Heather Sparks.

from Caitlin

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