Monday, November 20, 2006

José Roca, the new artistic director for Philagrafika has been here this week and has introduced us to many new artists and projects which incorporate the printed image into their artistic practice and works.

One amazing use of the print is this online educational videogame - which uses imagery from linocuts animated with Flash animation.

Tropical America fuses the new world of video games to a compelling past through a journey to unravel the mysteries of the Americas. Developed in collaboration with Los Angeles artists, teachers, writers and high school student
s, the game features a bilingual, thematic gameplay, accompanied by an online database of educational resource materials, source texts and imagery.

The game website is located at

Another artist that José presented this weekend was Betsabe
é Romero who carves and etches car tires with images which she then rolls through sand, sugar or onto cloth. Sometimes the tires are put back onto cars and driven through paint leaving a printed trail as the car drives.

We will continue to upload artists and images from José's presentations with future posts.

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